God, Forgive Me?



God, forgive me? It’s a serious question.

Sin carries the weight of a capital crime. According to both the Hebrew Scriptures and the New Testament, someone or something has to die.

Some may assume that the gracious character of God is such that He must forgive us if we ask. Others may think His willingness to forgive is conditioned on our ability to offset our bad actions with a greater weight or quantity of good actions. That is simply an unbiblical view.

Our society has been damaged by the attacks on families and faith. The foundations have been destabilized. This book asks and answers hard questions about the foundational elements of Judaism and Christianity. Both religions address the problem of sin in the lives of adherents. Dr. Weiss attempts to bring clarity to the sin problem so that we may seek to repair the foundation by providing a startlingly clear yet challenging perspective on sacrifice, atonement, and our religious traditions.

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