Judaism Through the Eyes of Jesus

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This well researched book unveils the lost sects of Judaism that would have confronted the Jewish Messiah as He walked the paths of ancient Israel. An invaluable work for Serious students of the Jewsh roots of Christianity. It provides a fast of little known details and hidden facts about the competing forms of New Testament Era Judaism, and you will learn all necessary insights into the matrix of our Judeo-Christian Heritage.


Jesus of Nazareth was more than a Rabbi; He was the Promised Messiah, born fully human and fully divine. In Judaism through the Eyes of Jesus, you’ll discover that the more you know about the different religious groups and sects during Yeshua’s life, the better you’ll understand His teachings. In this important book, Dr. Randy Weiss unpacks the roots of the Christian faith and lays out for you how the theological seedbed from which Christianity grew is thoroughly Jewish!

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