Today With God

Flash Drives of Hope

    The Problem

    Today With God is a fantastically effective project in the missions field. We’ve seen tremendous growth from churches and pastors using this tool. The teaching curriculum that accompanies the Today With God materials is also a very fruitful tool. However, print Bibles are sparse in Cuba. It is difficult to bring Bibles to Cuba, and it is not practical to even print Bibles there. Beyond this, distributing Bibles across Cuba is also difficult because lack of the transportation required to transport large quantities of books.

    The Solution

    Flash Drives are small, portable, and can be easily duplicated in the field via laptop. Even though Bibles are sparse across Cuba, DVD players that can play a flash drive are everywhere – even in the farthest corners of the island. A single flash drive can fit in the palm of your hand, and contain a dramatic visual presentation of the entire Gospel of John, Acts of the Apostles, and introductory program which asks and answers the question, “Who Is Jesus?” That same drive also contains teaching curriculum to support church plants and evangelism. Each flash drive is also specially formatted to prevent accidental deletion of the content.

    The Need

    For just $10, you can provide an evangelism and discipleship flash drive to pastors and missionaries in Cuba. Each flash drive is treated like a treasure by the Cuba church leaders. They will take the flash drive door to door, invite the community to their homes to play the videos, and use them in Bible school settings. Each time they use the drive, testimonies are created. Each flash drive reaches hundreds of people, and enacts change in the nation of Cuba. Help us bring the message of Christ to Cuba one flash drive at a time.

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