Children of Lepers

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    The Problem

    Leprosy still exists today. Just like in biblical times, it is still contagious. However, it doesn’t spread with just one encounter. It takes regular contact over time for the disease to spread. In 2007, CrossTalk International partnered with World Missionary Evangelism to start a leper clinic in India. We provide food, medicine, clothes, and the Gospel to those afflicted by this disease. We discovered that the children of these leper patients were contracting the disease as well. The sickness becomes a generational curse spreading from parent to child, and robbing these children of a future filled with hope.

    The Solution

    By building a children’s home in close proximity to the leper colony, the children of these patients can have regular connection without the likelihood of contracting the disease. With proper medical care, these kids can live long and healthy lives while still being close to their parents. The disease that once passes from generation to generation is stopped, and a future filled with hope begins. More importantly, the love of Christ is expressed in a tangible fashion providing eternal hope to both the children and their forever grateful parents.

    The Need

    CrossTalk needs your help to accomplish our task of loving on these families living with the disease of leprosy. With your help, we can continue to provide the food, medicine, clothing, and lodging that these kids so desperately need. For just $25 dollars a month, you can sponsor one of these kids so they not only grow up without fear of contracting the disease from their parents, but have food, shelter, and the love of Jesus.


    Leper Children’s Home

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    The monthly cost to support one child at the CrossTalk Leprosy Children’s home is $25. How many children can you commit to cover on a monthly basis to make sure they are taken care of with food, shelter, clothing, and being shared the Gospel message? (One time gifts are certainly appreciated as well).

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